How to Bring Up Lagging Quadriceps

Published: 05th July 2008
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For many people, the problem with quadriceps is that they simply do not do squats with enough weight. Squats are probably the hardest exercise you can do, and many people ignore them altogether or do them with too little weight. As one of the three power lifts, and as a fundamental compound movement, this is a lift where you are supposed to use a lot of weight. Do not hurt yourself by using too much weight, but understand that you have to push yourself hard to do squats properly

With squats, physical proportion plays a big role in executing the lift. Tall people will find squats relatively harder to execute than people with short, stout legs. Taller people may lose their balance and will have more problem going to parallel with their squats. Some taller people find that putting a small step, such as a 5 pound weight, under their heel helps with this.

Taller people will have to do more movements such as front squats to make up for this, while shorter lifters can probably get away with just doing regular squats.

Everyone, however, can benefit from a few different compound exercises for the quadriceps. Do more step ups, leg presses, and lunges. Add a few extra sets of ONE of these movements to your leg day to bring up the quads. Any more and you could over train your legs!

More isolation movements can also help with lagging quadriceps. The best movement for this is leg extensions. Add a few extra sets of leg extensions to your routine to make your quadriceps grow larger and stronger. Be sure when doing leg extensions that you fully extend your legs at the top of the movement and that you go all the way down at the bottom of the motion. Also you can do burnouts with leg extensions, where you do one set to failure, then take off a little weight and go to failure with that weight, then take off more weight and go to failure, etc... Do this until you cannot move your legs. Your quadriceps WILL respond to this, but it is very hard. Try it if you have a lot of energy!

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